Unboxing the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Rotary Tool — (2460-20)

For someone who “hates” Milwaukee, it certainly seems like I have a lot of their tools.

This one, though, is one of the good ones.

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I’ve needed a rotary tool for quite some time, at various moments requiring it for minor engraving and cutting and polishing tasks. A rotary tool is a lot like an oscillating tool–it initially seems like a odd piece to have in your kit, but once you have it you find yourself using it almost constantly. This tool has since sat in my daily tool kit, coming with me on every job, and getting used almost everyday. One example off the top of my head that I’d never considered: toilet bolts. You typically cut the length off with a hacksaw, which is pretty straightforward. But it takes seconds with this tool and the tiny cut off wheel. Seized nut? Cut it off fast. Excess rust or corrosion in a small area? Tiny wire wheel. I even lent it to a friend so he could engrave a stainless steel plate with his crypto wallet’s seed phrase.

Anyway, here’s the unboxing for anyone who wants to see this what this tool looks like.

Note: The final photo is a Ryobi accessory kit I picked up at the same time for like $8. And, while it’s sort of okay for the price, this kit is honestly so much better. These bits and pieces are all consumables, and–assuming you’re not getting into high end jeweler’s tools–all cheaply made in China. The Dremel branded stuff just isn’t worth the extra money that you end up paying for the name alone.












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